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The theme of my life, the fate of my life thus far (if you believe in that sort of thing) has been NIGHTMARE JOBS. I’ve bounced from one hell after the other for four decades and it isn’t stopping. It’s getting worse. The world of the middle class worker IS a nightmare.

*cue violin*

I started out mowing lawns and delivering newspapers then I washed dishes at the hospital then I was a flagman for a highway company then I sold insurance and crashed and burned after a year and had no choice but to deliver pizza for several years while I tried to get into the good factories around and I finally got into a powdered metal plant that was basically a death trap then I worked in two other knife factories and got laid off at one and fired from the other because I didn’t have the hand strength to hold the little knives on the spinning wheel that ripped my skin off all day. While all this is going on I’m also doing those MLM homebased businesses and mail order businesses trying to sell products and sign people up to do the same and each one costs me more money to run than I’m pulling in IF it made any money at all. When the internet came out and I signed up for every scam imaginable. I maxed out my credit card several times and paid it off by working overtime more times than I can even count. “All you have to do is advertise your website or banner. All you have to do is buy an email list and send your sales letter to them. All you have to do is …”

None of it works.


I finally found something

I’m watching funny youtube videos like those ones where they show “how movies should have ended” and I accidentally clicked on the wrong video somehow and up pops this two minute video shot from this guy’s cell phone where he points the camera at his computer and all he says is “Hey, I found a website that teaches you how to become a digital marketer for free and they even give you two websites totally free for you to set up and play with so you know what you’re getting into before you pay for any extras and if you do it’s only a dollar a day and there’s no other fee’s whatsoever EVER.” So I looked at the site and google searched it and sure enough it was everything he said. I signed up WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD and was instantly watching videos on how to set up my website. I didn’t know what the purpose of my website was going to be but I didn’t care, I’ve NEVER designed a website before and here I was making it look “pretty” using a platform that I never knew existed. I thought that they did it through Matrix type hacking code or something but they don’t.

I didn’t know WHAT my site was going to be about yet but the second or third free training video was about finding your passion or what they called your “niche” and my hobby for years has been doing at home workouts and exercises that are harder and more effective and anything you can do in a health club using machines or free weights so I decided I might as well make my website about that since I know basically everything about it already. I think most people are sick and tired of “experts” that push an agenda backed by “research” that’s constantly changing every year so you never know what to believe and also celebrities that sell expensive follow along programs that no one has time to do and end up being sold on ebay for $10 if they sell at all.

My goal for you

Here’s what I have so far. A decent, fun and informative health site that’s slowly growing every week because real life takes time and work and get rich quick simply doesn’t exist don’t even look for it. I also started a site that promotes the ebusiness just like that guy did on youtube for me and I can’t even find that video anymore, I want to thank him and I can’t 🙂

I want you to have the same thing I have. We have our jobs that we have to work for income and insurance and to support our families but I also want you to start something on the side. Turn an interest of yours into something that creates a slow passive income and slowly build up from there until you can finally quit your job. And most important of all, this is possible for anyone even if they make minimum wage. There is no financial excuse not to do this. Anyone can afford something that’s free and even if you do upgrade later it’s only a dollar a day and nothing else more, ever. Except for domains but they’re only $14 per year. I bought two of them after a couple months because they get ranked better. I skipped going out to eat a couple times and BOOM they’re paid for. Quit getting coffee out and make it at home and BOOM your whole business is paid for. Where else can you say that?
Do it.



I wanted to put this business plan somewhere where people wouldn’t see it unless they were genuinely interested and did some reading, which you did.

I hate hype and false promises and scams and I didn’t want to make this a main page because that’s exactly how it would come across.

The company I represent sells small business websites. The service, the price and the training are awesome. If you join and work for this company you will be on your way to quitting your job and working for yourself at home full time or part time or whenever you have time. That’s what I’m doing. I get paid if I help people. If I don’t help people I don’t. That’s the way it should be.

Free members are called starter members and paid members are called premium members. Starter members get two free websites and can begin to make money immediately but the commission is half what the premium dudes make but it’s still pretty good. Your first affiliate bootcamp training video will outline the commission structure so I won’t repeat it here. MOST people DON’T make any sales their first few months. That is normal and natural for anything that isn’t a hyped up scam. That’s business, baby. My first 6 months I focused on a health and fitness site that made NOTHING because I made SO many mistakes. I threw my site together so fast and it just looked and felt sterile and uninspiring. I deserved to make no money, I was doing it for the money and not because I loved it. I thought it was my passion but the truth I was so sick of the online health and fitness scene I honestly just wanted out of it and you could tell from my site. It was kind of negative and I’m not a negative person maybe I was just carb depleted when I made it who knows. I was under a lot of stress at work, maybe that’s it, who knows and who cares- I trashed it and started making THIS site and I enjoy this type of market so much more because if I can help just one minimum wage or any other wage employee quit their job and spend their life doing what they want it will be worth it. Anyway I’m rambling. (coffee)

How many days do you work in a year? That number is how many premium clients you will have to get before you quit your job. It’s that simple. My own personal goal is to get 365 clients before I quit because mentally I just want to know I’m getting paid everyday. But that’s me.

This is my personal business plan I call OPERATION QUIT. Most of the numbers for bills are estimations, I really don’t need $1000 for housing I was thinking like taxes and what if the roof leaks and should I have an emergency fund or whatever, you can clearly see I just threw it together but I would feel safe and comfortable having 365 customers and quitting my job at that point.

After that point I’ll have full time to double and triple those numbers once I’m not bogged down by a job and not exhausted everyday. Who knows and who cares what I can accomplish then, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

And I don’t have to postpone my “happiness” until I get to this imagined number. My attitude at work has been a complete 180. Things that used to irritate me now make me laugh. A rude customer just motivates me to come home and do a double training video where before I would have only done one that night. I’m not a permanent resident there anymore, To be honest I’ve actually enjoyed my job SO much since starting my side business I’m not even in a rush anymore.

Just for fun I created this idea called OPERATION I HATE THIS PLACE

All it is is an equation, or a sentence. Not even a logical one.

It’s for people that truly hate their job and want out ASAP.

52 weeks a year times 5 work days equals 260.

Assume a 6 months learning and training time where you don’t really do much and after that you average 2 premium sign ups per week it will take you less than 3 years to quit your job. Now, I’m being ultra conservative and way overkill on the realism but that’s because I HATE the internet hype we see all over the place. I just can’t stand it. In three years you’re going to be three years older than you are now REGARDLESS of whether or not you do or don’t do this.

My daughter is 12 years old. For the next 6 years I’m going to do this business for myself. On her 18th birthday I’m going to give her a present. A one year premium membership. I am also going to sit her down and go through the training videos with her. I’m also going to just let my business run on autopilot and focus on helping her build her business. If she wants to go to college I’ll be happy with that and if she wants to do anything else I’ll be happy with that. One thing I won’t do is worry about her because I know her financial future will be secure. A year ago today I didn’t have that feeling. Now I do. It’s a good feeling.

It’s a feeling I want you to have.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Back in the 90’s I delivered pizza. I had no choice. I couldn’t find anything else. The job consumed my whole life and I had no personal life. I worked days, nights, all holidays and every weekend. Half of my coworkers had 9-5 type jobs so they only came in at night for what they called “The Dinner Rush.” I still have nightmares over that term. One day I was watching the Ryan Reynolds movie called Waiting which was about waiters and waitresses in an Applybee’s type restaurant and the manager used the phrase dinner rush and instantly I got the chills because I still remember how horrible it was when orders came in faster than it was humanly possible to deal with them but when your greedy boss is trying to save on labor what can you do.

    I had to come in at 11am and make sauce, fill dressing cups and fold boxes for the dreaded dinner rush. I did MAYBE 8 deliveries between 11am and 4pm if I was lucky and if I made $20 in tips during that time it was a miracle. Everyone else came in around 5:15 because they had day jobs. They got to walk in the door and instantly do nothing but take deliveries and make tips and they did this for about 3 hours and then once it slowed down they were allowed to leave because they “had other jobs.” So they got to work for 3 hours and they made maybe $20-$30 less than me who was working at that point 9 hours. I hated that so much and I didn’t know what to do about it.

    Then one day I was driving to work and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I walked in the store and told my boss “I GOT ANOTHER JOB” and I would now only be able to work 5 till 8 like everyone else. He asked me where I was working and I gave him the last name of a friend of mine that sells life insurance as a broker and I added “Enterprises” after his name and said I was an administrative assistant. I did bend a little bit and agree to work 4-10ish so that I was only working a couple hours but it was the busiest part of the day and I wasn’t wasting my time doing prep work that paid nothing.

    In an instant I felt like a genius. Why didn’t I think of this before? How come everyone else is special because they have other jobs or kids and I don’t? Is it wrong to lie if I do it to just be like everyone else? Sure, I’ll be making about $100 less per week but I at least had a part of a life back.

    I called my friend Joe and I told him “Guess what, I’m now working for you” and I told him what I did and he laughed for like 5 minutes straight. He’s like “How the hell did you even come up with that, a fake job to get out of working your real job, only you.”

    And it looked better on a resume.

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