Each premium member you sign up is worth one full days pay to you. If you work 5 days per week there are 260 work days in a year. 260 premium members is EXTREMELY achievable, heck that’s why they picked 300 to earn your Vegas trip.

I added up all my bills and figured out with 260 premium members I don’t need my job anymore and can officially quit and work this business full time. I won’t need “full time” obviously but as my only source of income that’s what it will be. I suggest you do that same thing. Write down your bills and we know how much we get in commission, you can figure out exactly how many premium referrals equat you not having to work a job ever again.

I love affiliate marketing and will continue to create fun and exciting affiliate sites that sell things I’m interested in BUT first and foremost what I’m most passionate about it quiting my job and devoting my full attention to WA. I found WA through a comment, a buried comment to a youtube video. I’ve been online since 1997 and have looked for a decent business for years and got taken my MANY scams and I can’t believe I never heard about this before. Before last year I simply have never seen it. It’s still a secret online and given how much the internet grows every year it will always be a secret. I would pay ANY amount of money for someone to go back in time and tell me about WA but since this isn’t a Marvel movie the only thing I, WE can do is get out there and promote the you know what out of it. People NEED this.

I haven’t been much of a blogger here at WA more of a lurker but I just sent a private message to a guy and I never really thought about it much before but our conversation was if we don’t make it to vegas should we do something else, promote something else? Then my own words felt like someone else was talking to me….. This is what I said back to him…. [ Hahaha, no don’t do that. I spent over 9 months promoting a diet app and it did ok but there’s no residual, with WA you got renewal income every month. I switched to promoting WA exclusively about a month ago and after a month I only got one premium BUT those other starter members are still mine forever. When they decide to get going (it will be on their time, who knows what’s going on in their lives) every premium member is worth one days pay a year. That’s the way I look at it. There are only 260 work days in a year so once you get 260 premium members you can quit your job if you think about it. That’s the way I look at it. And lets say you go slow and only get a couple premiums in a year, lets say you get busy or decide to work on multiple websites and you only get a couple, they’ll pay for your premium membership so you’re technically running your business for free. Maybe it would be better if you didn’t even think about Vegas and just focused on one at a time. So we miss vegas, so what. It’s still worth it. Every person you sign up you are changing their lives. You’re not selling them a bottle of diet pills or a NFL football helmet chip dip thingy (an example in one of Kyle’s videos) you’re changing their lives forever. I found WA thru a comment on a youtube video, it was a total accident. No one showed me this and I’ve been looking since 1998 online for a decent business and I’ve found nothing but scams so WA is STILL a secret if you think about how big the internet is and how big it’s growing still.  I thought my niche was something else, health and fitness, I started and site promoting something that even though it changed my body for the better it didn’t change my life the way WA did so I switched gears about a month ago. I found that what I thought was my niche really wasn’t, it’s THIS. EVERYONE wants financial freedom for their families, it’s why we go to college and work so hard. My niche was staring at me in the face for 9 months and I TOTALLY thought it was something else.

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