2018 Wealthy Affiliate Review – An All In One Everything

So far I’ve found that Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY company offering an “All in one everything” for one low price (less than a dollar a day) and for this first of all you get training on EVERY aspect of the business (except for spamming and those annoying recorded calls to your cell phone, grrrr), two free websites as a starter member, website hosting on domains you buy yourself for less than $15 per year that you can easily do through the site itself and so much support that you will never not know what to do and how to do it.

Before joining wealthyaffiliate.com I read all the negative things about it as posed by other companies selling their own programs and do you know what the only negative thing was that they came up with? This is no lie. This one guy said that Wealthy Affiliate overwhelms their participants with too much information. Isn’t that the same as saying they teach EVERYTHING and also that they offer a lot for the money? Well I’ll tell you what and this is straight from the mouth of the competion, yes it’s absolutely true, they DO overwhelm you with tons of information, thank you for that assessment.

I joined this one company and I won’t tell you who but they have tons of youtube videos up and I paid $99 to start and I watched about 4 hours of videos talking about how to run an email campaign using ads and email harvesting pages and email list programs and you had to write the emails and everyday you emailed these poor people and then how to increase your conversion and at the end of all that they said I had to pay $15,000 for their whole program. So I basically paid $99 for their 4 hour sales pitch.

You are going to find EVERYTHING at Wealthy Affiliate  EXCEPT for an experience like that. First of all you join for free and get two free websites. I had one of them up and running in 2 minutes and then I just started tweeking it and I’ll tell you what IT WAS FUN. I felt like a website hacker. You can use these two free websites to run any business you want but if you don’t know what you want yet then you just go through the training videos. As a starter member you get the basic 10 hour course on how to get going as an affiliate marketer. At the end you’ll know what you want to, how to do it OR maybe you’ll pick up the itch to market THIS program to others, who knows. Every single day you’ll learn more and more and maybe change your mind back and forth for a while.

The point is, you will know what you want to do BEFORE spending a dime. IF you decide this pathway through the internet marketing world IS what you want you can “go premium” for less than a dollar a day and there are NO more things to buy, NO upsells. You can run your own online business for less than a dollar a day. The only other thing you may want are your own domains and they’re cheap, like less than $15 per year. I bought 2 right away, it was a no brainer for me because I already did that before in some past businesses that I tried and failed 🙂  But hey that’s life. Live and learn.

I could go on and on with this review and talk about things you’ve never heard of before but I think at this point you should just JOIN AS A STARTER MEMBER, keep your freekin credit card in your wallet where it belongs, check out the program and have fun and maybe you just want to start your own blog for now and just use the free membership, that’s awesome. Everything you do to built your “fun site” will transfer to a business later if that’s the path you want. It’s up to you. Have fun. If it’s not fun it’s not worth doing.