What Do You Mean $1 Per Day ?

The first month of Wealthy Affiliate is only $19 after that it’s $49 a month but every Black Friday they have a special where you can get the whole year for $300. I run 4 websites (because that’s all I have time to keep up with)


Each website costs either $14 or $15 a year for the domain so my total price for the year is right around $360 to run all four of my websites. I have this site dedicated to getting people out of their terrible (or just boring) jobs, a comedy site where I just vent and blog current events, a poker site and a site dedicated to home health and fitness. So I run my entire online business for a little bit less than $1 per day.

There is NO other company that cheap. Heck, our closest competition even charges like $250 per year just to run security on your sites if you go thru them and WA provides that for free. Well, it’s not free, you do pay for it. $1 a day.

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